Add Value to Your Home with Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing

Whether you intend on selling your home now or down the road, you want to invest in home improvement projects with the largest value and lowest cost. With that in mind, nothing beats cabinet refacing or refinishing. We have found that both add tremendous value to your home while costing relatively little. Not only that, but you will see how this project can also prevent prospective buyers from trying to get your home for a lower price.

How Can Refinishing Cabinets Add Value to a Home?

For those who don’t know, there is a big difference between refinishing and refacing. Refinishing is the simpler of the two. This involves adding a new finish to the existing cabinets. This might change the cabinet’s color depending on the paint color used. It can also cover up minor scratches and scrapes.

Ask real estate agents, and they can tell you why refinishing can add value to your Birmingham home. The main focal points in any home are the bathroom and kitchen cabinets. If the cabinets are old or in obvious need of refinishing, then the buyers can use this to negotiate a lower cost. It’s fairly common for homeowners to lose $10,000 to $20,000 if their cabinets have an old finish.

Refinishing might be a bit easier than refacing, but you still want a professional to do this. Many amateurs leave apparent brushstrokes that don’t look good and may even have the opposite effect and reduce your home’s value.

Solid colors are popular now. You will want some contrast between the floor and cabinets. For example, if the floor is dark, then consider a light color for the cabinets.

How Can Refacing Cabinets Add Value to a Home?

Refacing is another way to update your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Our take on refacing involves replacing both the doors and the door fronts, then painting or refinishing the rest of the cabinet. As you might guess, a refacing project is more involved and more expensive than just a refinishing, but we find that it’s essential when your cabinets are old, outdated or damaged.

As we mentioned before, failing to refinish your cabinets can reduce your home’s value by around $10,000 to $20,000. Failing to reface can result in an even lower value. It might also prevent people from buying your home since they don’t want to reface the cabinets themselves.

If refinishing isn’t enough, then we highly suggest refacing. It does have a higher cost, but you’re gaining much more in the end.

How do Cabinet Modifications Compare to Other Home Improvement Projects in Price and Value?

It’s hard to know where to invest your money in home improvement projects. This is especially true if multiple things need to be fixed, like the floor, walls and basement. What we can say is that cabinet modifications tend to give you the best return on investment when compared to other projects.

While it’s changed throughout the years, you can expect a 60-80% return on investment from your cabinets. There’s often a substantial penalty if your cabinets are in rough shape. Many other home improvement projects have a good return on investment as well, but they usually hover closer to the 20-50% area.

Cabinet refacing and refinishing are two of the best ways to improve the value of your home at a relatively lower cost. In fact, many buyers won’t even consider a property if the cabinets are in poor shape. This can help sell your home while ensuring you make more from the sale. To find out more about refinishing cabinets, contact us at Colours Cabinet Refinishing in Birmingham, AL.

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