Cabinet Refinishing & Modifications in Homewood AL

Cabinets serve the important duty of supplying storage space and keeping you organized. But they can also be a pleasing focal point of your kitchen, especially when refinishing them. Fortunately, we offer various services to help your cabinetry look fantastic, such as kitchen cabinet painting and other refinishing services. Let’s take a moment to discuss our cabinet refinishing services and what they entail.

Our Comprehensive Services

We provide cabinet refinishing services to residents throughout Homewood, AL, and the nearby region. When you schedule a consultation, a cabinetry refinishing expert shows up at your Homewood residence and assesses the cabinets. If you have any questions, our professional will answer them. Our specialist then provides you with a quote. Once you receive it, you can decide if you’re ready to breathe new life into your cabinets.

We’re eager to help give your cabinets a new look. We provide several services to give your cabinetry a facelift, including cabinet modifications, kitchen cabinet painting, cabinetry refinishing, and shaker-style cabinets.

Cabinet Modifications

Whether you need more storage, want a change, or are currently remodeling and need cabinet modification, we can help you create the kitchen you have always wanted.

For instance, if you have a small space under a wall-mounted oven or some space above your stove, have us install a drawer or convenient storage cabinet. Maybe you’re tired of looking at a trash can. We can put in a trash pull-out that keeps your garbage out of sight. Our team can also install canned goods, produce, or utility cabinets. The possibilities are endless.

Cabinet Refinishing

If your cabinets have a bit of damage, we can repair them. If the finish has worn off, we can apply a new coat, allowing them to shine brightly again. If your cabinetry looks worn and run down, our specialists can liven them up by replacing old hardware or adding a new color with our cabinet refinishing services.

Our expert team uses advanced methods and skills to refinish cabinets. We’ll use our unique 21-point system for this process, ensuring the results you see when we finish last for years to come.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Are you sick of your current dull, wood cabinets? Are you ready for a brighter kitchen, or would you like lighter cabinets that make your kitchen appear larger? When you select our painting service, we can skillfully and carefully paint your cabinets the color you desire, whether it’s the same as or different from the original.

With our painting service, we handle all the prep and clean-up. You merely sit back, let us work our magic and wait for the finished product — a beautiful kitchen.

Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets deserve their category because they give a kitchen a classic feel. These cabinets are ideal for a minimalist look due to their non-intricate design. This style always stays in fashion, seeing as they’re still popular decades after their debut. These cabinets are flat with a recessed center and a five-panel door design.

Frequently Asked Cabinet Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions clients have about our cabinet refinishing services:

What Is Cabinet Refinishing?

As one of our cabinet services, refinishing involves professionals repairing your cabinets and applying paint. We can also apply a clear coat to add luster and protection to your cabinets.

How Do I Know Whether I Need Cabinet Refinishing or Refacing?

Refinishing consists of applying paint to existing cabinets. It might also include repairing any damage. Refacing, however, entails removing the current doors and replacing them. Which one is right for you depends on your desires. You should consider if the cabinets have any damage or warping and if you like your cabinetry’s style. Your budget will also be a factor.

Do You Provide Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Ideas?

Because of our extensive experience, we can assist you in bringing any idea to life or provide inspiration and examples.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

In most cases, we use latex-based paint because it dries quickly, allowing you to resume normal use of your kitchen quickly. Additionally, latex paints retain their appearance for longer than oil-based options. It’s also a safe option to use on any already existing paint.

Why You Should Choose Colours Cabinet Refinishing

At Colours Cabinet Refinishing, we have over 20 years of experience in the business. We carefully screen all staff members to ensure the highest results for our clients. We’re a locally owned and operated business that provides all our clients with a limited warranty, assuring you lasting results and giving you confidence in our work. Throughout your project, we use our tried-and-true process and extensive skills. 

If you are considering updating your cabinets, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you so we can discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. We would love to connect with you and talk about your project. Feel free to call us at 205-433-7052 or submit an online form today!

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