Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few things we get asked from time to time.

Question: Do we need to remove everything from the cabinets before you start?

Answer: No, with the exception of cabinets with glass doors or open areas with shelves, bookcases, etc. We do paint the inside of these cabinets, so they will need to be empty when we start.

Question: Do we need to remove everything from the drawers.

Answer: Yes, we will need the drawers empty so we can remove and reinstall the hardware.


Question: Do we need to remove items from the countertops before you start?

Answer: Yes.  We paint the undercarriage of the upper cabinets, so we will need the countertops clear when we start the project.


Question: How long will it take to complete the project?

Answer:  While the time required to complete a project varies based on the size and scope of work, most cabinet refinishing projects are completed in 5-6 days.


Question: Can we use the kitchen while Colours is refinishing the cabinets?

Answer: Yes.  We just ask that you use a little extra care when handling the cabinets since the paint takes about 2-3 weeks to completely cure.

Question: What colors can we choose?

Answer: Any color you want! The options are limitless. We provide free samples to help you choose the best color for your home.  We want you to be thrilled with your “new” cabinets and choosing the right color is critical.

Question: Can you paint oak cabinets and will the wood grain still be visible?

Answer:  Yes.  We have painted hundreds of oak cabinets.  We can’t make the grain completely invisible, but it will much more subtle and far less noticeable.  

Question: Does Colours warranty their work?

Answer: Yes.  We are pleased to offer our customers an exceptional five year written limited warranty.  We guarantee the cabinets for five years against peeling, blistering, or chipping as a result of improper workmanship or materials.

Question: What type of paint will be used to paint the cabinets?

Answer: We use Benjamin Moore Advance paint, a premium quality waterborne alkyd paint in a low-odor/low VOC formula. We also use a premium quality primer to prepare the surface for painting.

Question: Do you sand the cabinets, and will it make a mess in my house?

Answer: Yes, we will sand the cabinets to prepare the surface for priming and painting.  We use a sanding/vacuum system with a HEPA filter to minimize any dust.

Question: Is a deposit needed?

Answer: Yes.  We require a 50% deposit on the day we start your project.  This enables us to purchase all the materials and supplies we need to do your project. The balance is due upon completion of the project.

Question: Can the knobs/pulls be changed?

Answer: Absolutely.  Please have the new hardware available on the day we begin the project.  We will fill the holes and drill new ones as needed for the new hardware.

Question: Can new hinges be installed?

Answer: Yes.  We can install hidden, soft-close hinges to update the cabinet doors.

Question: Can new doors and drawer fronts be installed?

Answer: Yes.  You can choose from a variety of styles.  New doors include hidden, soft-close hinges. This is a great option if you want to update the style of your doors and drawers and is a lot less costly than installing all new cabinets.


Question: Can my cabinets be modified to enhance the functionality and beauty of my kitchen?

Answer: Yes. We can modify select portions of your existing cabinets to create a perfect blend of style and function. We can add, remove or change existing molding, install light rail, install a pull-out trash can, convert an unused kitchen desk into a beautiful and functional space, install new drawer boxes, extend cabinet height to ceiling etc.…

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