The kitchen is the heart of the home.  It is the place in your home where you and your family and friends spend the most time.  People love to congregate around food, and that is why the kitchen is the most popular destination.  Think about how many happy memories are created in the kitchen!

 The cabinets are the most prominent feature in the kitchen.  You open and close doors and drawers and are constantly in contact with the cabinets.  You may never notice imperfections or a poor paint job on walls and ceilings, but you will definitely notice it on your cabinets.

When it comes to resale, the kitchen is the most important room in the house.  Beautiful cabinets will increase the value of the home, and even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, why live with ugly or outdated cabinets.

Unlike walls and ceilings which are flat surfaces usually made of sheetrock, cabinets are like pieces of fine furniture mounted on the walls.  Painting walls and ceilings basically involves some sanding and then rolling or brushing on paint.  Walls and ceilings rarely come in contact with water, oil, grease or human hands.  Cabinets have to survive in the toughest environment around water from the sink, steam from the dishwasher and oil and grease from the stove, as well as dirty hands, and therefore require a much more detailed, labor intensive and time-consuming process.

There is a big difference between painters and cabinet refinishers. Painters focus on interior and exterior painting.  They can finish walls and ceilings very quickly and move on to other projects.  Cabinet refinishers focus exclusively on cabinets.  

To achieve the best results with cabinets, there are no shortcuts.  The process starts with detailed preparation including thoroughly cleaning the cabinets to remove any oil, dirt or grease.  The cabinets then must be sanded to prepare the surface for primer.  If these steps are not taken, the primer and paint will not properly adhere to the surface which is essential to ensure the paint will be durable and beautiful, and will look good for years to come.  The cabinets must be sanded in between every coat.

Only premium quality primer and cabinet paint will yield the best results.  

The doors and drawer fronts need to be sprayed with high quality sprayers in an industrial spray booth to ensure a smooth and beautiful finish.  Without an industrial spray booth, it is impossible to eliminate dust and other particles from sticking to the cabinets.  The average cabinet refinishing project takes 4-6 days to complete.  Most painters don’t like spending the required time to do cabinet refinishing the right way.

The bottom line is that most painters do not have the right equipment, experience or expertise to produce high quality cabinet refinishing.  Cabinet refinishers are the experts when it comes to refinishing cabinets.  It is definitely worth paying a little more to get excellent results.  Remember, “The Quality is Remembered Long After the Price is Forgotten”.  Don’t trust painters to refinish your cabinets.