Are you ready to update your kitchen but don’t have the budget or desire to do a complete makeover?  Well, here are some easy and affordable ways to update your kitchen without breaking the bank or having your kitchen out of commission for several weeks.


1. Paint the kitchen walls – a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your kitchen. With virtually unlimited colors to choose from, you can choose a color to set the tone you want.  Don’t be afraid to be bold!  Paint is never permanent and can be easily changed.

2. Paint the cabinets – Painting the cabinets is one of the fastest ways to update your kitchen.  If your kitchen has good bones, painting the cabinets can be just what the doctor ordered.  You can mix-up colors on upper/lower cabinets, paint the island a different color or paint everything the same color.

3. Add task lighting/up lighting – Adding lighting is more than just a practical improvement, it can make an entire room glow.  Install energy efficient LED tape lights on upper cabinets and LED lights under cabinets.

4. Update cabinet hardware – Swapping out boring hardware is one of the quickest ways to fix what ails your kitchen.  Knobs and pulls come in a large variety of styles, shapes, colors, sizes and textures.

5. Update hinges – If you have external hinges, they definitely date the kitchen.  New hidden, soft-close hinges can be installed on the existing doors.  If you already have hidden, non-soft-close hinges, they can easily be replaced with soft-close hinges.

6. Update cabinet doors and drawer fronts – Replacing only the cabinet doors and drawer fronts is much cheaper than installing all new cabinets, and can really update the look of the kitchen.  While Shaker style remains the most popular choice, there are lots of styles to choose from to meet your personal taste.

7. Spice up your doors – The back of kitchen cabinet doors is space with a lot of potential that is often wasted.  One great way to use this space is to install a spice rack.  It frees up inside space and keeps the small bottles organized and more easily readable at eye level.

8. Add pull-out shelving – A great way to utilize space in lower cabinets is to install user friendly, ergonomic pull-out shelves.  It is much easier on the back than reaching deep into a cabinet to get a pot or skillet!

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