Is It Cheaper to Buy New Cabinets or Refinish?

The short answer? Cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing are much cheaper alternatives to cabinet replacement. Refinishing the cabinets can save you up to 90% versus the cost of cabinet replacement. Here, you only need to give the cabinets a new look. Refinishing involves cleaning and sanding the cabinets, and applying primer and repainting the cabinets. 

Because no major repairs are involved, the cost is significantly lower. 

The transformation is amazing without breaking the bank!

But because money is not the only consideration, here are some other things to consider as you plan your kitchen update:

Is It Better to Refinish or Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

If the current design of your kitchen cabinets is still functional, you do not need to replace the cabinets. You can change the look of your kitchen cabinets by changing the dated color. You can also change the hardware on the cabinets and give them a fresh look. 

High-quality wood cabinets also usually just need refinishing rather than replacing. These cabinets can last for more than 20 years if you take good care of them. 

Refinishing is also a good idea when you are on a budget. You can save thousands of dollars when you refinish and not replace, which can free up funds for other improvements you want to make — such as new appliances, countertops, etc. 

If your cabinets have sustained significant damage, you’ll need to either reface them or replace them. Some of the damages that might warrant replacement include cabinet warping, mold, paint peeling and water damage. If the quality of the material of the cabinet is affected severely, you need to replace the cabinets. 

You can also opt to replace the current layout of the cabinets if they affect the functionality of the kitchen. If the cabinets appear to be in the wrong places, and this affects workflow in the kitchen, that’s a good time to make a fresh start and replace them. 

Difference Between Cabinet Refinishing, Refacing, & Replacing

These terms are a little similar, so here’s a quick guide to these three cabinet upgrade options:

Cabinet Refinishing: Cabinet refinishing involves restoring the finish on your cabinet. It involves removing the existing finish and the dirt and grease on the cabinets’ surfaces and repairing any obvious damage.  After that, we sand, prime and paint the cabinets.  Cabinet refinishing done correctly takes experience, skill and the right tools and materials, and should be done by cabinet refinishing professionals.

 Cabinet Refacing: Cabinet refacing involves repairing the cabinets and replacing some components of the cabinets to make them more functional. New doors and drawer fronts are installed in any style chosen. The base cabinets and new doors and drawer fronts are then cleaned, sanded, primed and painted. You can choose to have cabinet modifications made as a part of this process…install pull-out drawers, install trash-can pull-out, install new end panels, etc. 

You may keep the traditional look of the cabinets, but all or most of the hardware will be new. 

Cabinet Replacement: If your cabinets are no longer functional or are damaged beyond repair, you need to swap them with new cabinets. The process involves removing the existing cabinets completely, designing new cabinets, and installing them in place. It is labor and budget-intensive and should be done by a professional. 

You can redo the same design you had in your original cabinets, if it was functional enough, or you can do another design. When you need to do a whole kitchen remodel, a cabinet replacement is the best way to go. But in many, many cases, refacing or refinishing cabinets gives them the fresh new look and style you want at a lower price.

Revamp Your Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry Room

If your kitchen cabinets are in bad shape or outdated, schedule a consultation with us! We can help you decide whether to reface, refinish, or replace the cabinets. No matter the state of the cabinets, we can transform them in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. 

Besides a fresh coat of paint and new hardware, we can also install new soft-close hinges for cabinet doors, install new doors and drawer fronts, and modify your existing cabinets. Not only will this help make your house more functional now, it can also make it more appealing when you want to sell it.

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